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We help people by giving them the tools to help themselves. We partner with organizations and agencies through evidence-based programs that make a measurable impact into OUR Tarrant County community.

The social challenges our community faces – violence, both neighborhood and domestic; poverty; low graduation rates; and ever-increasing numbers of older adults and their caregivers – are incredibly complex and interrelated. These are not single, isolated issues. And there are no single, easy solutions. United Way of Tarrant County focuses on improving the lives of the people that live in our community through Education, Income and Health, which are the root causes to most of the problems in the community.

So, we looked deeper, to the three underlying areas that affect everything else: education, income and health. And we partnered with local organizations to create programs that could help people in Tarrant County LEARN WELL, EARN WELL and LIVE WELL – independently.

We have a 10-year vision to improve lives through Education, Income and Health. We call them our BOLD GOALS.

  • EDUCATION: 8,000 students at risk of dropping out will have graduated on time by the year 2020.
  • INCOME: 24,000 working-class families will be on the path of financial stability by the year 2020.
  • HEALTH: We will have improved the lives of 17,000 adults with ongoing health concerns.

We collaborate with business leaders, councils, resource groups and members of our community to determine the most effective and efficient ways to improve our community, raise awareness on vital issues and be a community leader for change.

We fundraise year round to support the change and reach our milestone bold goals every year.  We report our results of our work each year in an Annual Report, which is distributed to donors, supporters and the general public.

Tarrant County is a great place to live. We’ve been here for over 90 years and it’s our home.

Help us build a better, stronger Tarrant County.


In 2009, we set out on a mission to improve Tarrant County with measurable results in Education, Income and Health by the year 2020. We created a 10-year strategy and developed milestones for the 3 core issues: Education, Income and Health. We separated that 10-year strategy into 4 and 5-year strategic plans developed by a committee of United Way volunteer leaders and senior staff members who met over many months.

Among other things, the committee examined resource development goals in the 2009-2014 plan, assessed results achieved and weighed relevancy for current circumstances. It also examined major trends and forces at work in the multiple environments in which United Way functions, and discussed key issues, strategies and overarching goals for resource development in order to advance community development goals.

Our 2014-2017 Strategic Plan includes improvements, advancements and targeted initiatives to continue to move forward to our 10-year goals.