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“We’re Counting!” as 2015-2016 Campaign Season Begins

The 2015-2016 United Way campaign season gets under way this month with new TV commercials and public service announcements that proclaim, “We’re Counting…on YOU!”  (Watch the TV spot above.)

The TV spots emphasize that United Way makes a measurable impact in Tarrant County and that United Way is counting on everyone to make that impact possible in the future by giving and volunteering.

The 30-second commercial spot is being featured on NBC, CBS and CW. It began airing July 13 and is scheduled for two-week increments through October. It can be viewed in the morning, afternoon and evening during a variety of shows and times. We hope you’ll share it with your social media networks.

Fifteen-second public service announcements with the same theme will be broadcast in available airtime. The “We’re Counting” theme will be featured on other 2015-2016 campaign materials as well, including brochures and posters.