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The New Year’s Eve Miracle


Area Agency on Aging Options Counselor Leigh Zoller calls it a New Year’s Eve miracle. It all started when a woman called Leigh to say she had a wheelchair, hospital bed and all kinds of supplies to give away because her husband had passed away recently. The very next day—New Year’s Eve—another woman called searching desperately for a hospital bed for her husband, who had congestive heart failure and multiple other disabilities. The woman had called her husband’s doctor, insurance company and others, without success.

Leigh was able to connect the two women, who coincidentally lived just two miles from each other. “The woman called me back and thanked me for connecting them, because she wanted so badly to give the bed to someone in her own community who truly needed it,” said Leigh.

While Options Counselors like Leigh often provide people with information or refer them to organizations that help older adults and people with disabilities, the counselors don’t always know if the caller succeeded in receiving the help they needed. But sometimes, Leigh says, “we get to see how we have really changed someone’s life for the better.”

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