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Nothing says “thanks” like a goody bag for hungry VITA volunteers.

In case you missed the Sunday, March 13th edition of the Star-Telegram, it featured a story of thanks and gratitude for our dedicated VITA volunteers.

The United Way wishes to thank Alpine, a division of ITW, for their donation of snack bags filled with granola bars, protein/nutritional bars, cookies, popcorn, chips, candy and bottled water for VITA volunteers. Engineering Support Assistant Alicia Swing, who’s worked at the Grand Prairie location for 10 years, wanted to find away for Alpine employees to help the community around them, not only once but throughout the year. Swing, who has volunteered with the United Way for the past eight years, met with United Way leadership to devise a monthly/ bi-monthly schedule of assistance, including conducting a school supply drive in August, adopting families during the holidays, providing supplies for SafeHaven and college-bound girls, and yes, giving goody bags to VITA volunteers. Often, volunteers as so busy trying to help as many clients as possible that they don’t take time for breaks. These snack packets are a show of support to VITA volunteers for the services they provide for the community. “We never know what life may bring, but we should always treat people as we would like to be treated if we were in the same situations,” Swing said.