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New Talent 4 Tarrant Program Connects IT Workers and Employers

United Way of Tarrant County is partnering with JPMorgan Chase and Workforce Solutions of Tarrant County to build career opportunities in the Information Technology field for Tarrant County residents with limited IT experience.

The new program, called Talent 4 Tarrant, will identify and place individuals in IT-related certification programs. Local employers will be asked to sponsor 90-day internships for individuals after they are certified. Talent 4 Tarrant plans to develop 50 internships this year.

People newly trained to assist in hardware support, software programming, information security and other IT areas will receive practical on-the-job experience. Employers will gain cost-effective employees with specialized strengths who can fill short-term support needs or prove to be valuable as full-time employees.

“Interns are often the most highly motivated members of the workforce,” said Talent 4 Tarrant Program Dir. Steven Bolden. “According to a 2009 National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, almost 40% of employers reported a higher five-year retention rate among employees they had hired through their internship programs.”

Talent 4 Tarrant is funded by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and is part of United Way’s EARN WELL financial stability initiative. More information is available at