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Learn Well College and Career Coach Helps Beyoncia Dream Big

Even at 14, Beyoncia Cox is not afraid to dream big. Newly promoted from Fort Worth ISD’s Dunbar Middle School, Beyoncia (shown above at left) already knows she wants to become a lawyer. After she graduates as valedictorian of her high school class. That’s the dream. Helping her achieve that dream is Annette Cummings, the college and career readiness coach at Dunbar Middle School.

Annette (pictured in the middle above) is a key part of UnitED Middle School Tools, a United Way program for young people in sixth, seventh and eighth grades that is part of the Learn Well education initiative. The program helps students who have had behavior or academic challenges to see the connection between school and success in college or a career.

Annette and Beyoncia have known each other since Beyoncia was in sixth grade, when Annette talked to students at Dunbar Sixth Grade Center. “She was basically helping us plan for our future,” said Beyoncia. “Back then I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. She helped me figure out what I wanted to be.

At Dunbar Middle School, “Beyoncia became more focused on going to college and how to get on the right track,” said Annette. “I think she took more challenging classes than she would have taken otherwise.”

Beyoncia spent time in the Dunbar GO Center (shown below), a room decorated with college posters and pennants where Annette helps students learn about the world of higher education. “The GO Center was very helpful,” said Beyoncia. “I would go there and get on the computer and check out different colleges. I would ask Ms. Cummings about financial aid and things like that.”

“Just having the GO Center to come to motivated her to become more active and well-rounded,” said Annette.

At Dunbar Middle School, Beyoncia played volleyball and participated in the Book Club, Distinguished Youth Society and Student Council. She was an A honor roll student, a cheerleader and commander in chief of the ROTC.