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Kids are Learning–Thanks to You!

Dropping out of school is not a single event, but a culmination of events over time.United Way is tackling the pressure points on the path to graduation that make the difference between success and failure in school and life. The goal of our 10-yearLEARN WELL education initiative is that 8,000 students at risk of dropping out of school will have graduated on time by 2020 with the help of these proven strategies:

  • UnitED Jumpstart Learning gets preschoolers ready to succeed in school. Last year99% of Arlington ISD parents in Jumpstart Learning read to their children at least four times a week.
  • UnitED Reading Ready equips elementary students with the reading skills needed to learn. In 2013-2014, Fort Worth ISD second graders in this program increased their reading proficiency four levels.
  • UnitED Middle School Tools helps young people understand the importance of completing high school and being prepared for college or a career. Sixty percent of the Fort Worth ISD students in the program passed all core courses last year.
  • UnitED Destination Diploma supports ninth graders and their families to ensure they stay on track for graduation. This new LEARN WELL strategy started last fall but is already showing great promise, thanks to caring professionals who act as both a support system and a safety net to help students get what they need to succeed.
  • Summer Reading Support helps at-risk elementary students maintain or improve their reading ability during summer vacation. 98.5% of the children who participated in the 2014 program maintained or increased their reading skills.

 Thank you for helping kids LEARN WELL.