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United Way Hurricane Harvey Support & Recovery

10/30/17 UPDATE

Together with our local, state, and federal partners, we are working to assist the Hurricane Harvey evacuees, who have chosen to stay in our community. The needs at this point are for transportation/bus passes, furnishings for their apartments, and assistance in finding jobs. If you’re looking for a way to help out, please consider making a donation here:

9/6/17 UPDATE

Goodwill has received enough donations of the items requested below. Thank you for your generosity and support! Stay Tuned.

9/1/17 UPDATE


There is an additional 600 Hurricane Harvey evacuees arriving into our region this evening.

Goodwill has received large and generous amount of clothing but is in critical need of basic essentials:

  • New packaged socks and underwear in all sizes for men, women and children
  • New blankets
  • New towels

Items can be dropped off at:

Any Goodwill Industries location:

Hours have been extended: 9am to 9pm (except the Campus Drive location)

Please mark boxes or bags with “Hurricane Harvey”

Goodwill will deliver needed items to the shelter locations.

8/29/17 UPDATE

Leaders, friends and neighbors,

As we all follow the historic and terrible situation in Houston, it’s been encouraging to see the response of neighbors. Texans and others are wading into the disaster to rescue Houstonians and others from the Greater Houston area from drowning or isolation. During these initial days, United Way of Tarrant County has jumped in to advocate for the crucial work of our colleagues at the United Way of Greater Houston by directing donation inquiries to their comprehensive relief fund (

Now that Tarrant County is in the mix, we’re broadening our approach. See below for important updates and information.


Through the Mass Care Task Force collaboration, agencies like the American Red Cross, North Texas Region and the Salvation Army DFW Command are working to meet the immediate needs of families and individuals displaced from their homes by the flooding. It’s important we support their efforts and help vector resources to them and their incredible humanitarian work. As you’ve heard me talk about before, financial contributions are the best kind of support you can bring to the effort as a concerned citizen.

To give monetary donations to the Mass Care Task Force please visit:


The City of Fort Worth is actively engaged in supporting relief efforts due to the worsening conditions associated with Hurricane Harvey. To learn more, please visit


Goodwill Industries have started accepting material donations across DFW, so there’s now a location near you within Tarrant County to donate non-perishable food, clothing, diapers, Graco baby cribs, gift cards, monetary donations and more. These items will be given to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  For more information or to find a location nearest you, visit:


Our 2-1-1 information and referral service continue to support Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast region by responding to calls for information and emergency needs.  They have worked tirelessly, answering phones, connecting people to emergency aid and serving urgent needs calls as Houston’s response network continues to be overwhelmed. If you or someone you know needs help, but does not know where to turn, please dial 2-1-1 from a landline or mobile phone.


In 2005, many residents of Louisiana, fleeing Katrina, evacuated to North Texas. In 2006, a Gallop poll was done by Senator Jane Nelson. It showed that 251,000 Katrina evacuees remained in Texas after Hurricane Katrina. Our community should expect a large number of people to move to the North Texas area and remain long after the water recedes.

United Way and its partners will be focusing on the resilience and long term recovery of these families after the immediate danger is over and the shelters begin closing. As you can imagine, the weight of navigating an uncertain future in a different area away from home and loved ones will be incredibly difficult for most. Shelter, school supplies, medical needs, nutrition, and jobs are just a few of the essentials that newcomers will require.

To begin gathering resources for resilience and long-term recovery of families evacuated to Tarrant County, United Way of Tarrant County has activated it’s “Emergency Aid Fund”. You can make a donation here: 100% of the funds go to the work associated with resilience and long term recovery for emergencies such as this.

There are now plenty of options to kick in and help our fellow Texans wherever we’re led. Please choose your direction today, and let’s LIVE UNITED with our neighbors from the coast in the wake of their intense need.





*Please note that information on this webpage will be updated as developments change.*

The City of Fort Worth is actively engaged in supporting relief efforts due to the worsening conditions associated with Hurricane Harvey. Please visit their webpage for updated information regarding relief efforts:

United Way Hurricane Harvey Support & Recovery

by TD Smyers, President/CEO of United Way of Tarrant County.

United Way was formed many years ago to serve the community by addressing social concerns and prominent issues. Over the last few days, many of you have been made aware of the catastrophe that Hurricane Harvey has dealt the city of Houston and the surrounding Gulf area of Texas.

I know that many people have  family, friends, colleagues and loved ones that may be affected. I hope that as you read this, every one is accounted for, safe and dry. History has shown us that by coming together in critical times like these, we can help people, save lives and get folks back on the path to recovery.


If someone you know is in an active emergency situation and/or is in need of rescue, please call 9-1-1 or the United States Coast Guard at any of the following numbers:

(281) 464-4851
(281) 464-4852
(281) 464-4853
(281) 464-4854
(281) 464-4855


Our 2-1-1 information and referral service has professionals that have been actively engaged in the emergency and recovery response. They have been working through the weekend and continuing through this week to answer phones, connecting people to emergency aid and serving urgent needs calls as Houston’s response network continues to be overwhelmed. We encourage all to call 2-1-1 (from a landline or mobile phone) if you or someone you know needs help, but does not know where to turn.

This is a dynamic situation and we know that people want to help.


If you are in the the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and would like to make a material donation, please click the link below to see information about Trusted World, an area organization that is accepting material donations such as clothing, toiletries, baby formula, non-perishable food, etc. This organization is not affiliated with United Way of Tarrant County.

Trusted World is located at 15660 N. Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248. This is a separate organization that is not affiliated with United Way of Tarrant County.


The American Red Cross DFW is providing shelter, meals and comfort to people impacted by Hurricane Harvey throughout DFW. The Dallas Convention Center will be operating as a “mega shelter” beginning Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017. To learn more or find a shelter near you, visit:


In many instances, cash is extremely important as it material donations (clothing, diapers, etc) require storage, logistics and transportation which may take additional time for the items to reach the intended people who need it.  If you would like to provide monetary donations to help the support and recovery effort, we ask that you donate directly to the United Way of Greater Houston where they have opened a comprehensive fund for response, relief and recovery. Please visit:

Please share with colleagues, friends and family so that we can all help our fellow Texans through this tragic event.

Please choose to LIVE UNITED.

TD Smyers