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Fort Worth ISD Coin Campaign: a TON of Caring!

At United Way recently, a Brinks truck picked up a ton of coins—literally. And that was just one day in a week of coin pick-ups that climaxed this year’s Fort Worth ISD student coin campaign that raised more than $31,000 for United Way.

Coindrive-7 - Loading Coins - new blog - new cropCoins (and currency ) donated by students came in from 113 schools in trash bags, boxes, big  plastic  tubs, milk jugs and giant pickle jars. Then they were packed in 40-pound security bags for the trip to the Brinks DFW Central Depository to be counted.

Children donate whatever they can. Sometimes it’s 30 or 40 cents in a plastic sandwich bag. School administrators also do their part. At Benbrook Middle-High School, Principal Richard Penland encouraged giving by promising to use his own money to buy doughnuts for the homeroom that raised the most money. At Westcliff Elementary, the children used their coins to “vote” for the person they would most like to see with pink hair.  Vice Principal Jose Diaz won the “privilege” of dying his hair, beating the principal and counselor. He showed off his new look while playing the drums during a school variety show that students could attend by donating $2 to the United Way campaign.