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Defeating Chronic Homelessness

“Directions Home” is the City of Fort Worth and United Way’s driving force behind eliminating and preventing chronic homelessness.

The 10-year “Directions Home” initiative is aimed at making homelessness rare, short-term and non-recurring in greater Fort Worth by 2018. Using money from the City of Fort Worth General Revenue Fund, United Way awards grants annually to organizations such as the YWCA, Fort Worth Housing Authority, Salvation Army and Tarrant Country Homeless Coalition to fund numerous programs that assist current homeless residents and prevent others from becoming homeless.

Nearly $2.5 million was awarded recently to organizations that provide assistance such as job-readiness and placement services, rental housing vouchers, and substance abuse and mental health services, along with funds to cover the cost of essential documents such as birth certificates. These support services can transform the grim lives of people who are homeless into lives filled with hope and long-term stability.

“Direction’s Home” partner agencies have helped more than 1,500 Fort Worth residents find “the shortest way home.”  Since 2007 there has been a 33% decrease in homeless people living on the streets, in shelters or in transitional housing. It is anticipated that area agencies will provide care for tenants in more than 1,916 permanent housing units throughout Tarrant County in 2015.

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