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Congratulations, Myles Turner!

The stats say it all: Indiana Pacers #33 Myles Turner just finished a great second season.

Myles, a Bedford native, is also a hometown hero here in Tarrant County. He joined up with United Way of Tarrant County to inspire others to give back to their community, and even introduced a new “Myles Ahead” volunteer program with United Way at his alma mater, Trinity High School in Euless.

“Kids look up to athletes, celebrities and political figures,” Myles told HEB ISD’s School & Family Magazine last fall, “but I want to shift that trend and have them look up to the people who really care deeply about our community and to make it a better place not only for them, but also for our firefighters, police officers, teachers–the true heroes of our community.” He said HEB ISD students “can do things such as volunteer at the local parks by picking up litter, assisting the elderly with their homes, and even helping their little brothers and sisters with their homework.”

Congratulations on completing a great season, Myles, and for setting a great example for Tarrant County young people.

Learn more about Myles here.