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When Steven arrived at the Lena Pope Early Learning Center (ELC) at the age of 2, it was apparent his young life had been a difficult one. He had no structure and both parents had experienced drug use and spent time in jail. Initially, Steven had many severe behaviors including physical and verbal aggression, lack of focus, severe impulsivity and poor knowledge of academic basics. Steven received counseling services from Lena Pope and was assessed for additional interventions making it easier for him to focus and meet his potential.

The ELC also provided counseling and academic support as well as parenting support to Steven’s great-grandfather, who is raising him. Now in the second grade, Steven is bright, on target academically and is involved in extracurricular activities including baseball. The United Way of Tarrant County is pleased to provide funding for the Lena Pope Early Learning Center to help change the lives of children like Steven.

The North Central Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association recently came to the aid of a mother with Alzheimer’s and the daughter who now takes care of her. The mother was living with her son in Virginia when her daughter discovered her brother was spending all of her mother’s social security and not caring for her. The daughter moved her mother to Tarrant County and received a referral to the Alzheimer’s Association. A caseworker discovered the mother was completely dependent on the daughter for preparing food and eating. The daughter also managed her mother’s hygiene and finances. Referrals provided by the case worker to the Association’s REACH program, Easter Seals and the Area Agency on Aging helped the daughter care for her mother until she was accepted into the STAR+PLUS program. The mother now receives 30 hours a week of care, incontinence supplies, regular visits from a nurse, a doctor to the home or transportation to the doctor and an attendant to bathe her. Funding provided by United Way of Tarrant County for REACH ensures case workers and dementia care specialists at the North Central Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association are available to help individuals and families affected by the disease.