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4th Year Results Show Progress Toward 10-Yr. Community Goals

United Way and its partners are making steady progress toward achieving 10-year goals in the areas of education, income and health. Fourth year reports from independent evaluators give “green lights” to all three initiatives, indicating they are on the right course, gaining momentum and achieving significant results.

Among the results:

Learn Well education initiative:
99% of Arlington ISD parents in the early childhood program read to their children at least four times per week
93% of Arlington ISD kindergarteners in the early childhood program ended the year with the appropriate literacy skills
97% of Birdville ISD parents in the Parents As Teachers program increased their parenting skills
• Fort Worth ISD second graders in the early grade reading program increased their reading proficiency by almost four levels
60% of Fort Worth ISD students in the middle school success interventions program passed all core courses
61% of Fort Worth ISD students in the middle school success interventions program maintained or decreased discipline referrals
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Earn Well financial stability initiative:
325 workers completed skill-based job training
494 families improved financial behaviors
• An average of $1,835 less debt
• An average of $203 increase in savings
$4.14 million in Earned Income Tax Credit refunds was received
78 families became homeowners
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Live Well healthy aging and independent living initiative:
60% of community health navigation clients reported greater confidence in dealing with their health issues
71.8% of participants in the Diabetes Salud! counseling and education program improved their average blood sugar levels
90% of respite care recipients with Alzheimer’s Disease were still living in the community after six months
66% of those receiving diabetes and nutrition counseling showed a 10% reduction in hospital and emergency room visits after six months
94% of caregivers receiving REACH II caregiver education were still caring for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease at home after six months
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