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United Way Tarrant County Does Not Fund Planned Parenthood

UWTC_logo_4p_150x110Planned Parenthood is not a partner of United Way of Tarrant County, and is not involved in any of our funding programs or initiatives to improve Education, Income and Health in our region. We do not have a budget line item to fund that organization.

United Way of Tarrant Country relies on workplace campaigns to generate funding for our partner agencies. We raise funds through workplace campaigns and grants to improve our Tarrant County community.

In 2014, individuals directed a total of $9,354 to Planned Parenthood through donor designations. A donor designation means an individual chooses to give to a specific organization through United Way. Any money that has gone to Planned Parenthood is the result of individual donor designations only.

To date, none of the funds that we have collected for our partner agencies (who can be found online at and in campaign materials) has gone to Planned Parenthood and none of our grants support them; we have no relationship with the organization.

We respect the choice of individuals who give to causes they care about. We believe that donors should have the option to give where their hearts lead them.